AM - Getting Started

AFFEKT Audio Management is designed to be very simple to get off the ground, yet powerful to grow into. If you have never used AFFEKT Audio Management before, this tutorial will help you getting started.

Getting started with AFFEKT Audio Management is a three step process:

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Create an Audio Management Application
  3. Configure it
  4. Create your first Entries


  1. Dashboard
  2. Create a new Account
  3. Create a new Licensors
  4. Create or Edit your Label
  5. Create your first track
  6. Compile your first releases
  7. Import Sales


Upon you first sign in, you'll be confronted with the Dashboard and Menu bar overview. It's looking a little empty right now, but please take the chance to familiarise yourself with the menu bar at the top of the page.

You'll notice that there are several sections and drop down menus, which will be explained in the online documentation. 

For now though, go to Accounts and select your user account which was automatically created during the sing in procedure. Click the accounts name and click Edit.

An overlay will pop-up allowing you to enter in your personal details, defining your account and allowing you to reset your password and upload a profile picture.

You will want to make sure your company details are correctly entered and fill in any blank fields, because these details are used through out AFFEKT Core including on any outgoing emails such as promos.

Make sure your company name and your contact email is correct. Click the Save button at the bottom right of the popup to save these changes.


Every business partner who is eligible for accounting needs an user account. A business partner can be an artist, a label, or any other license partner which needs to be accounted. 

Also for team members or external partners who need a login you need to create an user account. 

Here you can:

  • browse user accounts
  • add/edit/delete user accounts


Licensors are the different parties involved in a track/release, who potentially also own musical rights.

In Affekt Core this is split into Main Artists and Contributors (composer, author, producer, publisher, labels, etc.). 

Here you can:

  • browse artists and contributors

  • add/edit/delete artist accounts
  • add/edit/delete contributors


An overview of all your labels and sub-labels.

Here you can:

  • browse labels
  • add/edit/delete labels/sub-labels


This is your track catalogue. 

Here you can:

  • browse your catalogue
  • filter with e.g. genre, tags, favorites
  • add new tracks
  • upload .wav-files
  • edit tracks
  • delete tracks


This is your release catalogue.

Here you can:

  • browse your catalogue
  • publish a new releases
  • edit releases
  • delete releases


Here you can upload the .csv-files of your sales from your distributor or any third party licensor. 
That way Affekt Core can calculate the balance of every licensor for accounting.